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Our Real Christmas Trees

We have the finest Non Drop Danish Nordmann Firs – famous for their soft needle retaining branches. And Potted Norwegian Spruce which can be planted after Christmas or kept in a pot for next year.

At Peterborough Christmas Trees we’re always careful to consider the environment as well as quality. To ensure our trees come up to scratch, we visit the farm in Denmark to see the Nordmann Firs being managed sustainably in their indigenous environment – see the photos below

Cut Nordmann Firs

Living Potted Trees

  • Soft Non Drop Needles

  • 3ft-10ft Available

  • We will cut the trunk for you

  • Living Norwegian Spruce

  • Grown in Pots

  • Can be planted or left in pot

  • 4-5ft available

Tree Stands

Small christmas tree stand
  • The Worlds No.1 Stand

  • Large Water Resevoir

  • Strong & Stable

  • 3 Sizes to accommodate all trees


We’ve seen first-hand how the trees are thinned & replanted each year, maintaining a constant crop density with no large clearings, this creates a wonderful habitat for the local wildlife all year round.

Remember, your real Christmas tree is carbon-neutral, absorbing carbon dioxide during growth, and unlike the plastic alternatives, it will simply biodegrade at the end of its life, rather than finding its way into a landfill.

This is how your real Christmas tree starts its journey. It will stay in this sheltered nursery environment for 2 years when it will be strong enough to be replanted in the fields

This is your Christmas tree in its infancy. Just 2cm tall. Around 100,000 are replanted by hand in the nurseries at the farm in Denmark every year.

After a few years they reach 3-5ft tall. Some will be cut and some left to grow. This ensures a constant crop density suitable for wildlife, in turn, the wildlife help keep the weeds down around the base.

Denmark Nordmann Firs Christmas trees Peterborough

Each tree is hand pruned twice a year. The wind spinner shown here is attached to our premium trees to prevent birds landing on the top of the tree causing it to bend out of shape.

The trees are tagged according to quality and size in the fields. We check the tags in Denmark to ensure they meet the standards you can expect from Peterborough Christmas Trees.

One of our Christmas Trees heading for Peterborough. When the trees are cut, they are left to lie for 2 days in the field before being transported. This reduces the risk of the tree going into shock which can cause needle loss