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The Peterborough Christmas Tree Difference

We are so confident in our Danish trees that we guarantee their quality.
If for any reason you’re unhappy with your tree, we will gladly replace it free of charge (whilst stock lasts) provided that you return your tree along with your proof of purchase and you followed the below care instructions.

Caring for your Tree

Christmas Trees are just big cut flowers! They need to be kept in fresh water constantly as they need to drink to keep looking fresh

Prepare the trunk – we can do this for you
By cutting an inch of the bottom of the trunk, it opens up the pores in the bark to allow take up of water. If left dry, it will begin to seal up after a few hours meaning a new cut is required

Avoid sudden temperature changes & direct heat
You wouldn’t put fresh flowers next to the fire would you?

Water your tree
By using a water holding stand, not only will it mean your tree is straight, but also can get plenty of fresh water. Putting your tree in gravel, sand or soil will prevent it being able to drink. They can drink a lot so keep checking as once it runs dry it won’t take up anymore water. A wine bottle is a good way to fill back up once the tree is decorated

These tips will help you get the best from your tree, but please bear in mind they can’t last forever sadly