• Premium or Standard Trees?

    Both come from the same fields at the same time. The difference is a standard tree can have one or two imperfections such as a wonky top - the sort of tree that might have a good side.

    So a standard tree is still a great tree and will last the season, but they will not be quite as consistent as the premium range

  • How do I look after my tree?

    When it arrives treat your tree like fresh flowers! We'll cut the base for you but if left out of fresh water for several hours you should re-cut 2cm off the trunk and put in water, it helps them stay looking fresh longer. If left to go dry, the base seals itself with sap reducing its ability to take water. 

    Top up the water every day as they can go through a lot! A wine bottle or something with a long neck makes watering easier. They do best in cooler rooms away from heat sources

  • Where do you deliver?

    We offer free delivery in and around Peterborough. The postcode checker at the top of the page will tell you if we can deliver to you

  • How does delivery work?

    We deliver locally on Tue, Thurs & Sat. You can order up to the day before delivery. Remember to tell us of a 'safe place' so it can be left if you're out - ideally leaving a bucket of water for us to stand it in as we will cut the base just beforehand

  • What if I don't like the tree you send?

    It's important to get the perfect Christmas tree and we work hard to do ensure you do. If you prefer a slimmer or bushier one, just tell us and we'll get as close as we can. 

    However when it arrives, if your not happy just get in touch within 48 hours and we'll swap it for another

  • Why should I buy my tree from you?

    We appreciate there are many places for you to find your Christmas Tree. We have been in the business of finding our customers their perfect trees for 10 years and we make a couple of simple promises:

    1) If you're not happy, we'll replace it - we know how important having the right tree is. 

    2) We'll help you find the perfect tree - slim, bushy, room for the cat... no problem, just ask

    3) We will cut the base for you - no need to get the saw out! Your tree will be ready to go into water when it arrives